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GE Healthcare makes its first independent appearance at CIIE to promote precise diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases_China_Innovation_Global


Original title: GE Healthcare makes its first independent appearance at CIIE to promote precise diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases

November 5, 2023, Shanghai – At the 6th China International Import Expo (referred to as the “CIIE”), GE Healthcare, which has participated in the exhibition for six consecutive years, debuted as an independent brand for the first time, with an exhibition area of ​​600 square meters, the largest in the past. , the exhibits are also the largest ever, focusing on precision medicine, maternal and child health, grassroots care, smart medical care, etc., bringing nearly 30 unbounded innovations that integrate global resources and Chinese wisdom, 10 of which are first exhibited in China, accelerating the promotion of industry, academia and research Collaborate to promote the sinking of high-quality resources and support the high-quality development of China’s medical industry.

Zhang Yihao, Global Executive Vice President of GE Healthcare, President and CEO of China, said: “In the 45 years of reform and opening up, GE Healthcare, as a partner in the field of medical and health care, has always walked together, participated and contributed. The CIIE is a high-level openness, sharing platform, GE Healthcare has never been absent in the past six years, and this year it has brought nearly 30 models of high-tech ‘dry goods’. Different from previous years, more than half of these exhibits are inspired by the deep integration of Chinese wisdom and global resources. The latest achievements are the best interpretation of our ‘boundless innovation’ strategy. More and more ‘global + China’s unbounded innovation achievements’ have landed on the stage of the world’s leading scientific and technological innovation, feeding back the global innovation chain, industrial chain and supply chain, leading the way. The future trend of innovation will allow the world to witness unbounded innovation and share new opportunities for Chinese-style modern development.”

Among the 10 major exhibits of GE Healthcare at this CIIE, they not only include precision medical innovations represented by spectral digital SIGNAPET/MR and the new generation Apex quantum platform, but also include integrated diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases covering the entire cycle. Innovations that care for maternal and child health are represented by fully automatic breast volumetric ultrasound, digital breast machines, and magnetic resonance contrast agent “Keruying” for children. They also include handheld ultrasound VscanAir, equipment health intelligence testing platform, etc. that care for the grassroots and help the elderly in the community. innovative results.

At this exhibition, GE Healthcare will focus on the integration of precision diagnosis and treatment, maternal and child health, etc., and through unbounded innovation integrating global and Chinese wisdom, it will open up space for cooperation, open up innovation chains, break R&D boundaries, and promote the treatment of serious diseases such as tumors and cardiovascular diseases. , accurate diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complicated diseases.

In terms of precise diagnosis and treatment, GE Healthcare has brought a representative medical tool for multi-modal imaging – Spectral Digital SIGNA PET/MR, which is equipped with the “Spectral” technology jointly developed with Stanford University, University of Wisconsin and many other global institutions and installed users. “Diagnosis and Treatment System” can achieve precise quantification of all nuclides and rapid imaging of the entire sequence, obtain more comprehensive lesion information in a shorter time, and bring new solutions to targeted tumor treatment and immunotherapy; the Chinese team integrates global resources The newly developed Apex quantum platform, equipped with GE Healthcare’s patented QuantixPlatform, has a tube speed of 0.23s/revolution and a time resolution of 19.5ms. It not only brings CT scanning speed to a new level, but also can cover all aspects of the heart in one heartbeat. Precise imaging of details. A series of CT equipment based on the Apex quantum platform that will be launched soon will have the above characteristics.

In terms of maternal and child health, GE Healthcare not only brought the magnetic resonance ring contrast agent “Keruying” with better safety and drug stability to children aged 2 years and younger and is more widely used in the world, but also exhibited breast disease screening. The latest products in the entire diagnosis and treatment cycle include the ABUS2.0 fully automatic breast ultrasound AI solution that breaks away from traditional ultrasound’s reliance on technician scanning techniques and realizes standardized breast examination operations, the ultra-high-end digital breast machine PristinaHygeia that promotes precise breast diagnosis and treatment, and the The flagship obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound diagnostic system VolusonExpert20, which obtains higher-resolution images, covers the latest technology in imaging equipment and diagnostic drugs to protect the health of women and children.

With the advancement of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, the leading position of county medical care and its role as a link between the past and the next have become more prominent. More urgent needs have been put forward for specialist capacity building, precise disease diagnosis and treatment, digital quality and efficiency improvement, and continuous talent cultivation. These are all driving The unbounded innovation of high-precision equipment + digital medical treatment promotes the extension of high-quality medical resources to the grassroots.

This year is the third year of the “New Journey of Health Care and Grassroots” public welfare activity. The activity is hosted by People’s Daily Online·People’s Health and supported by GE Healthcare China. At this CIIE, the two parties jointly released the “Research Report on the Status of Medical “Counties”” and the album “The New Journey of Health Witnesses the Modernization of “Counties””, which summarized insights into the current status of county medical development and discussed county development opportunities and responses. strategies, share practical cases and valuable experiences that can be used as a reference, and help county medical care embark on a path of high-quality development and healthy “county” modernization.


In order to better promote the development of county areas, GE Healthcare also exhibited a variety of solutions to empower the grassroots at this exhibition, including the double-sided probe handheld wireless ultrasound VscanAir, which weighs only 205 grams and can be put into your pocket. Connect with the terminal App to conduct examinations for the elderly in grassroots communities anytime and anywhere, or assist in rapid examinations at the emergency site; the ONEMI nuclear medicine precision diagnosis and treatment ecological solution for the precise diagnosis and treatment of liver cancer, prostate cancer and other serious diseases can achieve early and accurate diagnosis and accurate diagnosis and treatment. staging, to help clinical patients determine precise treatment plans, evaluate efficacy, and assist in the construction of “one county, one department”; and the latest achievement of “intelligent services” – the equipment health intelligent testing platform, which can quickly and automatically generate equipment testing reports with one click to help the vast number of counties and grassroots hospitals to accurately control the health status of imaging equipment to achieve stable operation of the equipment.

Looking forward to future development, Zhang Yihao added: “We will continue to work hard to take root in China’s good innovation soil, integrate global innovation elements with greater efforts, continue to increase investment in China, and work with partners to promote the implementation of unbounded innovation results and promote The implementation of the strategy of ‘comprehensive domestic production, boundless innovation, and win-win cooperation’ will drive China’s dual chain from high-end to ultra-high-end, allowing high-precision technology to serve China and benefit the world, making high-quality medical care more accessible and benefiting the grassroots.”Return to Sohu to see more


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