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From November 5 to 10, 2023, the 6th China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “CIIE”) was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). With the theme of “Based in China, Creating a New Automobile Future”, Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Toyota”) has set up three exhibition areas of “Electrification”, “Intelligence” and “Diversity” to showcase the latest achievements of Chinese-style inheritance and evolution. .

[Electrification]Toyota continues to use all-round electrification technology to help achieve the goal of carbon neutrality

Toyota demonstrated a series of technical application scenarios including the manufacturing, transportation, storage and use of hydrogen energy.

In terms of hydrogen production, hydrogen comes from a wide range of sources, including renewable energy and biomass. Industrial by-product hydrogen is also one of its sources. Hydrogen energy can then be obtained through electrolysis of water hydrogen production equipment, biomass conversion to hydrogen production, hydrogen purification, etc. Toyota uses a water electrolysis device to produce hydrogen energy and has begun demonstration tests towards productization.

In terms of transportation and storage, hydrogen energy can be stored and transported in the form of liquid, gas, and hydrogen storage modules. This time, Toyota has brought a lighter weight and larger capacity hydrogen storage tank for large commercial vehicles, as well as a replaceable hydrogen bottle integrated storage module that can achieve faster hydrogenation and longer range.

In terms of use, MIRAI, the second-generation hydrogen fuel cell vehicle with high efficiency, negative emissions, and ultra-safe features, CROWN SEDAN, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle just released in Japan, long-range, low hydrogen consumption, and high-performance hydrogen energy heavy-duty trucks and The 150kW fuel cell system and COROLLA CROSS, a hydrogen fuel engine model that supports a carbon-neutral society and has FUN TO DRIVE (driving pleasure), will also be unveiled at the booth. In the future, Toyota will further apply hydrogen fuel cell technology to multiple application fields such as buses, trucks, construction machinery, ships and railways to accelerate the realization of a carbon-neutral society.

BEV is an important measure for Toyota to implement its full-path strategy. All-solid-state batteries are an important part of supporting its development. Because its electrolyte is solid, conductive ions can move faster, thereby shortening charging time, achieving longer battery life and more battery life. Plenty of motivation. All-solid-state batteries are planned to be put into practical use in 2027-28.

The fifth-generation smart electric hybrid engine’s three-electric system (battery, motor, and electronic control) has been further upgraded in intelligence. 26 years of ingenuity has promoted technological evolution, and has attracted more than 24.2 million consumers worldwide and more than 2.5 million consumers in China with its safe, reliable, and energy-saving image. Trusted by users, we constantly break technical bottlenecks and achieve comprehensive transcendence. Through miniaturization, weight reduction, and precision, unprecedented high-efficiency electrification is achieved.


[Intelligence]The latest masterpiece from the powerful alliance between Toyota and and the Toyota Space smart cockpit

At this CIIE, the pure electric self-driving taxi bZ4X Robotaxi concept car made its debut. This is an important step for Toyota to work with partners in both technical and commercial aspects to promote the commercialization of high-level autonomous driving.

The bZ4X Robotaxi will be equipped with advanced technologies such as a vehicle control interaction system specially designed for Robotaxi and redundancy of main control systems, as well as’s seventh-generation autonomous driving software and hardware system (Autonomous Driving Kit, ADK) that meets vehicle-grade design. ), coupled with GAC Toyota’s high-quality production experience and mature channel network and service system, jointly provide customers with a safer and more secure riding experience.

Toyota began strategic cooperation with in 2019 to jointly promote the research and development of high-level autonomous vehicles for mobile travel services in China. There are currently about 200 Robotaxi prototypes based on Lexus RX450h and Toyota Sienna. Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai are provided with self-driving mobile travel services by’s operating platform.

In August this year, Toyota China, GAC Toyota and reached an agreement on the establishment of a joint venture related to the Robotaxi business to jointly promote the commercialization and large-scale implementation of Robotaxi. bZ4X Robotaxi is planned to be provided to Robotaxi service providers by the joint venture.


In addition, Toyota also exhibited the Toyota Space smart cockpit, which is planned and developed by a team of Chinese engineers for Chinese consumers. Through seamless connection of smart devices, personalized customization of AI assistants, and expansion of large-screen applications in the car, smart cockpits are realized. New Experience. As the times continue to advance, user needs will become more and more diversified, and the Toyota Space smart cockpit will continue to evolve. The next-generation Concept on display is Toyota’s thinking and proposal for future intelligence.


[Diversity]Based on the concept of “Mobility for All, providing freedom of travel for everyone”, various types of barrier-free welfare vehicles are on display

Toyota’s ACE welfare business vehicle uses the top space in the car for projection. Users can enjoy various shocking visuals such as the starry sky and the ocean world while riding in the car. Scenarios such as general household use, business reception, and barrier-free travel allow everyone to enjoy it, which is the design concept of this welfare business vehicle.


The GRANVIA Welfare PLUS version’s three-row seats have multiple split and folding modes to release various spaces for the family. In particular, the electric lift seat on the right side of the second row can automatically slide, rotate and park outside the car as needed. The right position makes it easy for passengers with limited mobility to ride.


The Lexus RX350h welfare version equipped with a multi-functional storage trailer MPC (Multi Purpose Cargo) is based on the Lexus RX and equipped with an electric lift welfare seat to facilitate travel for people with limited mobility. MPC is made of all-aluminum materials and is lightweight to meet the mobile travel needs of various scenarios such as barrier-free, camping, general household use, and light towing.


Welwalk is a rehabilitation assistance robot built for people with lower limb paralysis that prevents them from moving freely. This CIIE will exhibit its latest model, hoping that this device will bring the joy of movement to people who cannot move freely.


A new concept mobile travel tool, the electric wheelchair JUU combines “driving performance” and “design sense”. It can easily go up and down steps and pass through uneven road sections without other assistance, allowing users to experience the fun of traveling freely.


In addition, Toyota also focuses on scenarios such as getting on and off the vehicle, and moving between wheelchairs and vehicles, and provides barrier-free welfare products that are convenient for riding (auxiliary handles/transfer boards/rotating seat cushions, etc.) and comfortable (back support cushions/lumbar supports, etc.).

In the future, Toyota will continue to proceed from the actual needs of the Chinese market, strengthen local planning and research and development, strive to achieve more comprehensive, intelligent, and diversified development, and build a cleaner and healthier automobile society.

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