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Overnight external trading: The three major U.S. stock indexes closed slightly higher, and the Nasdaq rose for the seventh consecutive day. Most large technology stocks rose_Oriental Fortune Network

Overnight external trading: The three major U.S. stock indexes closed slightly higher, and the Nasdaq rose for the seventh consecutive day. Most large technology stocks rose_Oriental Fortune Network
Overnight external trading: The three major U.S. stock indexes closed slightly higher, and the Nasdaq rose for the seventh consecutive day. Most large technology stocks rose_Oriental Fortune Network

US stock market:The three major U.S. stock indexes closed slightly higher, with the Nasdaq rising for the seventh consecutive day and the Dow and S&P 500 rising for the sixth consecutive day. The Dow Jones index rose 34.54 points to close at 34095.86 points, an increase of 0.10%;NasdaqThe index rose 40.50 points to close at 13518.78 points, an increase of 0.30%; the S&P 500 index rose 7.64 points to close at 4365.98 points, an increase of 0.18%.

Large tech stocks mostly rose,apple,Nvidia,MicrosoftUp more than 1%, Meta, Google,Netflix,Amazonsmall increase;Teslafell slightly.

Popular Chinese concept stocks had mixed gains and losses.NasdaqChina’s Golden Dragon Index fell 0.05%.Best Grouprose more than 10%, the company received a privatization offer,AlibabaCainiao participated in the acquisition,ideal carrose by more than 8%,Futu Holdingsrose more than 4%,Xpeng Motors,Weiborose by more than 1%,Pinduoduo,Jingdong,Tencent Music,Alibabasmall increase;NIOfell more than 3%,Vipshop,IQIYI,Full of gangs,Baidu,NetEase,Bilibilifell more than 1%.

European stock market:The major European stock indexes closed with mixed gains and losses. The Financial Times 100 stock average price index of the London stock market closed at 7417.76 points on the 6th, an increase of 0.03 points or 0.0004% from the previous trading day; the CAC40 index of the Paris stock market in France closed at 7417.76 points on the 6th. It closed at 7013.73 points, down 33.77 points or 0.48% from the previous trading day; the DAX index in Frankfurt, Germany closed at 15135.97 points, down 53.28 points or 0.35% from the previous trading day.

Commodity market:internationalityoil priceThe price of light crude oil futures for December delivery on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose by 31 cents to close at $80.82 per barrel, an increase of 0.39%; the price of London Brent crude oil futures for delivery in January 2024 rose by 29 cents. cents, closing at $85.18 per barrel, an increase of 0.34%. International gold prices fell. The most actively traded December gold futures price in the New York Mercantile Exchange gold futures market fell by US$10.6 to close at US$1,988.6 per ounce, a decrease of 0.53%.

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Overnight news

Five-minute quick tour of the OpenAI conference: GPT App Store, GPT-4 Turbo debut

Monday local time,AIThe first developer conference in history of industry leader OpenAI was unveiled. In a nearly 45-minute opening speech, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman showed global developers and ChatGPT users a series of upcoming product updates from the AI ​​leader.

  CEO of “the world’s largest gold producer”: Gold prices may break the previous high…

  The world’s largest gold mining company, the United StatesNewmontMining company CEOs say gold prices could soon break records if geopolitical conflicts worsen.NewmontCEO Tom Palmer said in the latest interview: “In some cases, you may see the price of gold break all-time highs.” But unfortunately, if these situations happen, “it is not a good thing for our society.” Good thing.”

  How big is the dollar shortage?Kenya says Egypt offers to start ‘barter’ trade

  As the end of the year approaches, the dollar shortage in Egypt, a North African country, has not improved. The latest news shows that the country has begun to propose a “barter” trade form to avoid the impact of the dollar shortage. This development was mentioned by Kenyan Finance Minister Njuguna Ndung’u when attending a public event in the capital Nairobi on Monday.

  Summers’ latest hot comment: Investors are a little eager for quick results and the task of fighting inflation is not over yet

  Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers recently warned that financial markets are beginning to believe that the Federal Reserve has won the war against inflation, and investors should be wary of this excitement.”People are a little eager to say we’ve done everything we need to do,” Summers said in an exclusive interview.currencyPolicy action, we saw a very dramatic reaction last week – Treasury bonds and stocks rose together, but this change makes me less convinced than many people think that the work of containing inflation is over. “

  Germany’s ruling party plans to impose a “crisis tax” on the super rich to escape the sluggish economy

  According to German media reports, German Chancellor Scholz’s Social Democratic Party has prepared a plan aimed atReorganizationThe economic package proposes a “crisis tax” on the richest Germans, and has been included in the SPD’s draft economic policy proposals for the December meeting. Specifically, the SPD plans to reform income tax, inheritance tax and gift tax rules so that the “super rich,” millionaires, and billionaires pay more tax than low-income earners.The move is expected to cut taxes for 95% of the population, but will still increase revenue from income tax, inheritance tax and gift tax, with the party proposing to use the tax mainly for investment.educate.

  Protests over wage increases broke out in the world’s second largest textile exporter, and Western brands were accused of only “verbal support”

  Since the end of October, workers in the textile industry have held demonstrations demanding substantial wage increases for many days in Bangladesh’s capital and core industrial areas. This trend has also triggered discussions on the garment industry’s long-term reliance on cheap labor. The background of the whole thing is that as the world’s second largest textile exporter after China, Bangladesh has about 3,500 garment factories employing nearly 4 million workers. In order to meet the needs of major well-known brands around the world, textile workers often need to work overtime, but the minimum wage they can get is only 8,300 Bangladeshi taka per month, which is approximately equivalent to 550 yuan or 75 US dollars.

  With over $500 million in latest funding, this German startup aims to become Europe’s OpenAI

  Monday (November 6) local time, GermanyAIStartup company Aleph Alpha GmbH announced on its official website that it raised a total investment of more than US$500 million in Series B financing. Aleph Alpha positions itself as the leader in local AI technology in Europe, equivalent to “Germany’s own OpenAI.”The statement read that the new deal will solidify the company’s position as a European generativeAIPosition as a leading provider of applications, poised for accelerated productization and scale.

  How do you feel about Goldman Sachs’ new division, Global Institute, in the face of geopolitics and AI shockwaves?

  At present, geopolitics and artificial intelligence (AI) have become the most important issues for most investors. The resulting competition among major powers, regional conflicts and disturbances to the global economy will also dominate the market direction.Well-known Wall Street investment bankGoldman SachsI don’t think these challenges will go away anytime soon. therefore,Goldman SachsRecently, a consulting department was established to analyze geopolitics and technology——Goldman SachsGoldman Sachs Global Institute, making Goldman Sachs the latest firm to bet on the need for companies to seek advice on how to respond to a disorderly world.

  Venezuela encounters obstacles in increasing production, reportedly planning to cooperate with oilfield companies to restore oil production

  According to media reports citing sources, Venezuela’s national oil company PDVSA is negotiating with oilfield companies, hoping to lease their equipment and services to recover from sluggish production after the United States eased sanctions on Venezuela. Although the United States has temporarily lifted sanctions, Venezuela faces difficulties in restoring oil production. According to data from oilfield services company Baker Hughes, Venezuela had more than 80 active drilling rigs in 2014, but now has only one active drilling rig. Experts say this poses a significant obstacle to the country’s rapid expansion of oil production.

  Just a bear market rally! “Wall Street’s most accurate analyst” warns that U.S. stocks may not continue to strengthen

  On Monday (November 6) local time, “Wall Street’s most accurateanalystThe S&P 500, which just had its best week of the year, may just be a “bear market rally,” says Michael Wilson. Wilson was one of the top strategists of the year in Institutional Investor’s survey last year. He successfully predicted a bearish turn for stocks. He added that given the bleak earnings outlook, weak macro data and deteriorating analyst views, “it’s hard to get excited. “

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