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Robot concept stocks strengthened rapidly in early trading and are difficult to buy!Huawei releases sealing and testing patent to detonate advanced packaging sector-Mobile Finance Industry


On November 3, the market opened higher and moved higher throughout the day, with the GEM index leading the gains. As of the close, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index rose 0.71%, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.22%, and the ChiNext Index rose 1.47%. Northbound funds bought 7.108 billion yuan in net throughout the day, including 2.804 billion yuan in Shanghai Stock Connect and 4.304 billion yuan in Shenzhen Stock Connect.

Overall, stocks rose more than they fell, with more than 3,600 stocks rising in the two cities. The turnover of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets today was 809.5 billion, which was 42.8 billion higher than the previous trading day.

In terms of sectors, automation equipment, chiplets, memory chips, and electronic chemicals were among the top gainers, while e-commerce, real estate, ophthalmology, and innovative drugs were among the top losers.

On the market, robot concept stocks rose sharply at the opening, with 10 stocks including Haozhi Electromechanical, Collier, Kelli Sensing, and Zhongli De exceeding their daily limit. Chip stocks collectively strengthened in the afternoon, with 10 stocks including Netac Technology, Haoli Technology, Hongxun Technology, and Star Semiconductor exceeding their daily limit. Consumer electronics concept stocks are active again, with OFILM, Chaoyang Technology, and HiVi Technology reaching their daily limit. In addition, smart cockpit, photovoltaics, securities, games, computing power and other theme sectors all performed well. On the downside, pharmaceutical stocks fell into adjustment, with Haite Biotech falling by more than 10% and Sailon Pharmaceuticals falling by the limit.

magnificentApplication for packaging and testing patents detonates the advanced packaging sector

Today, the announcement that Huawei has applied for a patent on “semiconductor packaging” has attracted market funds’ attention to advanced packaging. The advanced packaging sector has exceeded 4.42%, Yongsi Electronics has exceeded the 20cm limit, Xinyichang has exceeded 14%, Huahai Chengke, Dezhou have exceeded 14%. Bang Technology rose more than 11%.

Because the United States has issued a ban on advanced packaging, the industrialization of Huawei’s packaging patents can only rely on domestic equipment. Patents are announced one after another, and technical barriers are broken one by one. The establishment of Huawei’s semiconductor system has gradually expanded to perfection. In the future, domestic wafers may be the only thing missing. This forms a closed loop of semiconductor resource integration. We look forward to that day coming soon.

Tianyancha shows that Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.’s “semiconductor packaging” patent has been published. The application publication date is October 31, and the application publication number is CN116982152A.

Robot concept stocks strengthened rapidly in early trading and are difficult to buy!Huawei releases sealing and testing patent to detonate advanced packaging sector

The patent abstract shows that the present disclosure relates to a semiconductor package, which includes: a first substrate, a semiconductor chip, a lead frame and a sealant. The lower main surface of the sealant includes a first portion extending in a first plane, a second portion extending in a second plane, and a third portion extending in a first transition zone between the first plane and the second plane. three portions, and a fourth portion extending in a second transition region between the second plane and the at least one lead. The first portion of the encapsulant and the lower major surface of the first substrate extend in the same first plane, which forms the lower heat dissipation surface of the package. The second, third and fourth portions of the encapsulant are sized to maintain a first predefined minimum distance between the first portion of the encapsulant and the at least one lead.

Robot concept stocks strengthened rapidly in early trading and are difficult to buy!Huawei releases sealing and testing patent to detonate advanced packaging sector

Xinyichang stated on the interactive platform on November 3 that Huawei is one of the important customers that the company has maintained close cooperation and communication with for a long time. The company currently mainly provides Huawei with customized equipment and supporting technical services in the fields of advanced semiconductor packaging and high-definition display.

Equipment beneficiary targets: Wenyi Technology, Xinyichang, Jintuo Shares, etc.

What is semiconductor packaging?

A semiconductor package is a metal, plastic, glass or ceramic housing that contains one or more semiconductor devices or integrated circuits. Individual components are fabricated on semiconductor wafers (usually silicon), then cut into small pieces, tested and packaged. The package provides a way to connect it to the external environment (such as a printed circuit board), using leads (such as ground, balls, or pins).

It provides protection against threats such as mechanical impact, chemical contamination and light exposure. Additionally, it helps dissipate the heat generated by the device, with or without the help of a heat sink.

Industry insiders generally believe that the post-Moore era will be an era of advanced packaging. Whether it is TSMC, Samsung, Intel, or OSAT manufacturers including ASE, Amkor, Changdian Technology, Tongfu Microelectronics, and Huatian Technology, they have laid out their plans in advance and focused on advanced packaging technology.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a document that the concept of robots has become popular again and it is time to replace it with domestic products.

Robot concept stocks set off a trend of daily limit. The reducer sector rose by more than 3.95%, Haozhi Electromechanical and Fengli Intelligent rose by the 20cm limit, and Tongli Technology, Zhongma Transmission, and Julu Intelligent rose by more than 10%.

Robot concept stocks strengthened rapidly in early trading and are difficult to buy!Huawei releases sealing and testing patent to detonate advanced packaging sector

In terms of news, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the “Guiding Opinions on the Innovation and Development of Humanoid Robots”, proposing that by 2025, the humanoid robot innovation system will be initially established, a number of key technologies such as “brain, cerebellum, and limbs” will achieve breakthroughs, and the complete machine products will reach the international advanced level. , and realize mass production; by 2027, the technological innovation capabilities of humanoid robots will be significantly improved, an internationally competitive industrial ecosystem will be built, and the comprehensive strength will reach the world’s advanced level.

The reducer is a reduction transmission device between the original moving parts and the working machine. The precision reducer has small return clearance, high precision, long service life, and is more reliable and stable. It is used in high-end fields such as robots and CNC machine tools. The trend in the humanoid robot industry is clear. Harmonic reducers may be used in rotating joints, and planetary reducers may be used in rotating joints of hands or parts of the body with low precision requirements.

Specifically: ① The current downstream of harmonic reducers is mainly industrial robots, and humanoid robots may bring an increase of 7 billion in space in the medium term. Domestic Green Harmonic, Laifu Harmonic, Ford Robot, Tongchuan Precision, Guomao Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers are ahead of the curve. Under the trend of humanoid robots, domestic substitution will be accelerated. ②The global market size of planetary reducers in 2022 will be approximately US$1.203 billion. Major global suppliers include Japan’s Xinbao, Newcart, and Wittenstein. Domestic companies such as Neikefeng Intelligent have certain competitive strengths.

AVIC Securities gave investment advice: The current humanoid robot rotating joint solution has not yet been fully determined. Both harmonic reducers and planetary reducers are possible applications. We should focus on industry leaders and related suppliers that work closely with Tesla. Related targets: Zhongli De, Double Ring Transmission, Precision Forging Technology, Green Harmonic, Guomao Co., Ltd., Fengli Intelligence, etc.

Warning from the financial community: The content, data and tools in this article do not constitute any investment advice and are for reference only and do not have any guiding role. The stock market is risky, so be cautious when investing!

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