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What happened when actor Liu Jin threw his iPhone in front of an Apple store?Cook “slaps” the US Commerce Secretary in the face_Oriental Fortune Network


September 18, #actorliujinappleThe topic of “throwing an iPhone angrily in front of a store” has become the top trending topic.Liu Jin released a statement video describing his relationship withappleWhat happens after sales and inWangfujingappleI angrily threw my iPhone 13 Pro Max in front of the store. Liu Jin said that he will not buy any Apple products from now on.However, some attentive netizens discovered that after Liu Jin threw his iPhone angrily, he still used it to send messages.Weibo.

It is worth noting that sales of Apple’s latest iPhone 15 series are still booming.according toJingdongPlatform data shows that as of 9:00 on September 18, the number of reservations for the iPhone 15 series has reached about 3 million units.wedbushanalystIves said that the pre-orders for the new iPhone 15 series are much higher than market expectations, and shipments in the fourth quarter are expected to be close to 90 million units.

At the same time, a piece of news about Cook slapping the US Secretary of Commerce in the face also attracted attention. So, what happened? Check out the detailed report!

Actor Liu Jin threw his iPhone in front of an Apple store

On the afternoon of September 18, the topic actor Liu Jin threw his iPhone angrily in front of an Apple store# topped the list of hot searches.

Previously on September 17, Liu Jin released a statement video.In the video, Liu Jin talked about what happened between him and Apple’s after-sales service, and inWangfujingAngrily threw his iPhone 13 Pro Max at the entrance of an Apple store. Liu Jin also announced, “I will no longer buy any Apple products from now on. Apple is far ahead on the road of being domineering, arrogant and unreasonable.”

Liu Jin said in the video, “I have been using iPhone 13 Pro Max for 1 year and 19 days. After official testing, there was a problem with the motherboard of the phone. It can be repaired for 4,400 yuan. Later, I called 12315 and Apple customer service. After coordination, Apple agreed that as long as it was If there is a hardware problem, it can be repaired for free, and then returned to the factory for repair. After five or six days of waiting, Apple sent an email to Liu Jin saying that the iPhone 13 Pro Max had been modified without authorization and he needed to pay a repair fee of 6,960 yuan. After that, Liu Jin Jin once again coordinated through 12315 and Apple customer service, and Apple’s answer was that it was based on factory testing and determined that the phone had been modified.”

Liu Jin said, “Apple’s overbearing behavior, acting as both a player and a referee, is very overbearing and arrogant. I had no choice but to smash this iPhone 13 Pro Max.”

However, Liu Jin’s behavior of throwing his iPhone angrily also caused controversy among netizens. Some netizens believed that his phone may have been modified, and some netizens commented that his phone had expired the warranty period. Faced with doubts from netizens, Liu Jin issued another response on September 18, introducing the use of his mobile phone, problems that occurred, etc. Liu Jin said that he bought his mobile phone for 8,699 yuan on August 16, 2022, and used it for more than a year. He insisted that he had not modified it privately and was willing to take legal responsibility.

Public information shows that Liu Jin is an actor from Mainland China. He has rich acting experience and has participated in many film and television dramas, such as: “Charlotte Trouble”, “The Deer and the Cauldron”, “Special Fugitives”, “Serious Case Group Six”, “Struggle of the Ants”, “Don’t Let Me See”, “Peace is Blessing”, “Angel’s Happiness”, “Dog Beating Stick”, “Transformation into a Man and a Woman”, “Fugitive Warrior”, “Village Money Wang”, “Super Prince”, etc.

In March 2015, Liu Jin became familiar to the audience for his role as “Big Fool” in the popular CCTV drama “Don’t Let Me See”. In October 2015, she unexpectedly became popular for her role as “Qiu Ya’s Husband” in the hilarious comedy movie “Charlotte Trouble” starring Shen Teng and Ma Li, with a box office of 1.4 billion. In 2016, Liu Jin won the Best Supporting Actor at the 6th Bali International Film Festival for his movie “Jingzhi Traffic Station”.

In September last year, Liu Jinfa revealed in a video that he was selling tea eggs during his recent absence, sparking heated discussions among netizens. In this regard, he himself said that there is no shame in setting up a stall. Now that he has nothing to film, he decided to set up a stall to sell tea eggs in order to make a living.

Pre-orders for Apple’s new iPhone 15 are booming

At 20:00 on September 15, Apple officially started pre-sales for the new iPhone 15 series. Within 10 minutes, Apple’s official website crashed. In the Tmall Apple Store official flagship store, the first batch of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max were all sold out within one minute of the sale.

according toJingdongPlatform data shows that as of 9:00 on September 18, the number of reservations for the iPhone 15 series has reached about 3 million units. Among them, the number of reservations for the iPhone 15 Pro exceeds 1.27 million units, and the reservation volume for the iPhone 15 Pro Max series exceeds 920,000 units. Judging from the delivery waiting time of the iPhone 15 series currently displayed on Apple’s official websites in various places, the Pro series models need to wait 6-7 weeks on average.

Some netizens shared their order information for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The order showed that the latest delivery time was postponed to October 31. The delivery time for some users has been delayed to November 17, which means that users will have to wait about 2 months to get their phones.

The above data shows that the iPhone 15 series is still very popular.Tianfeng International, which has been tracking the Apple industry chain for many yearssecuritiesAnalyst Ming-Chi Kuo pointed out that judging from the first week of pre-orders for the iPhone 15 series, demand for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is as strong as previously expected and is better than last year’s iPhone 14 Pro Max. Demand for the two standard versions of iPhone 15 is similar to last year. Demand for iPhone 15 Pro is weaker than last year. One of the main reasons may be that more advanced users are turning to pre-orders for iPhone 15 Pro Max this year.

Ming-Chi Kuo believes that Huawei’s return is unlikely to have no impact on the iPhone, but the impact of Huawei’s return on the iPhone remains to be seen. However, this impact will not be reflected in the pre-orders of iPhone 15 in the Chinese market, because people who will pre-order iPhones are not the target customers of Huawei mobile phones. In terms of shipment estimates, Ming-Chi Kuo currently maintains his estimate of shipments of approximately 80 million iPhone 15 series this year.

Wedbush analyst Ives said in a report that iPhone 15 pre-orders that started last Friday were much higher than consensus market expectations and were about 10%-12% higher than iPhone 14 pre-orders. Ives pointed out that the delivery/shipping time of iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max has now been moved to the end of October to early November. Ives said iPhone shipments in the fourth quarter could approach 90 million units. He rates Apple stock an “outperform” rating and has a price target of $240.

Cook slaps U.S. Commerce Secretary in the face

According to Technology News, on Sunday local time, American TV stations released an interview video with Apple CEO Cook. Cook denied that US Commerce Secretary Raimondo said that “China is becoming less and less investable.” Cook said that Apple has been doing business in China for more than 30 years, and there are many areas for cooperation between the two parties.

This interview with Cook was conducted on September 7, local time in the United States. Cook said that Apple has been working in China for more than 30 years. Doing business in any foreign country faces some complications because it must comply with different laws and regulations from those in the United States. However, he believes that contact and interaction are important because there will always be intersections between the two sides. Apple has found many places in China to work with. Moreover, Apple has a huge user base in China.

In addition, Cook also talked about how Apple can create a future driven by clean energy, Apple’s upcoming head-mounted device Vision Pro and Twitter advertising issues in the interview. Cook said that the launch of Vision Pro is still on schedule. When asked whether Apple should continue to advertise on the , I like the concept. There are some things about it that I don’t like!” This means that Apple will continue to run ads on Twitter.

Previously, according to the Global Times, at the regular press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on August 30, a reporter asked that US Commerce Secretary Raimondo stated that some of theGorgeousThe company told her that China was becoming less investable and more risky. What is China’s response to this?

In this regard, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that China has released relevant information regarding Minister Raimondo’s visit to China. You can check it. During the relevant talks and meetings, China discussed China-US relations and China-US relations. He expressed his position on economic and trade relations and other issues.

Wang Wenbin also said that China has the institutional advantages of a socialist market economy, the demand advantage of a super-large market, the supply advantage of a complete industrial system, and the talent advantage of a large number of high-quality workers and entrepreneurs. China remains one of the important investment destinations in the world. one.Survey results from the American Chamber of Commerce in China also show that 66% ofGorgeousState-owned enterprises will maintain or increase investment in China in the next two years. We hope that the United States will implement its statement that it will not seek decoupling from China and create a good environment for the healthy development of economic and trade relations between the two countries.

(Source of article: Brokerage China)

Source of article: Brokerage China

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