Is the entire iPhone 15 series “broken”?Industry insiders said it was an e-commerce platform marketing behavior


Jimu News reporter Lansha

On the evening of September 15, Apple’s iPhone 15 series models officially opened for pre-order, and many Apple fans rushed to Apple’s official website for the first time to pre-order iPhone 15 series models. However, some netizens posted some pictures of all iPhone 15 series models on the e-commerce platform, which surprised many “fruit fans”.

Is the iPhone 15 series models cold before they are launched? Industry insiders believe that the so-called “full series break” is the e-commerce platform’s own marketing behavior. Huawei’s return may have a certain impact on Apple, but whether it can shake Apple’s market share in China remains to be tested.

Is the iPhone no longer “favourable”?

A few days ago, some netizens posted pictures of all iPhone 15 series models on some e-commerce platforms. The iPhone 15 standard model has a direct discount of 400 yuan; the iPhone 15 Plus model has a direct discount of 400 yuan; the iPhone 15 Pro has a direct discount of 500 yuan; the iPhone 15 Pro Max also has a direct discount of 500 yuan.

Pictures of iPhone 15 series models posted by netizens showing “all models are broken”

From being hard to find to having low demand, is the iPhone no longer popular? Jimu News reporters then logged into e-commerce platforms such as, Taobao, and Pinduoduo and saw that currently, all iPhone 15 series models have started pre-sale. In Taobao’s tens of billions subsidy section, some models such as iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus can enjoy a 5 yuan subsidy, with a replacement subsidy of up to 500 yuan; has launched a trade-in discount of up to 680 yuan in subsidy; Pinduoduo’s subsidies are relatively large, iPhone 15 The entire series of models has a maximum first-time discount of 500 yuan.

Industry insiders believe that the platform’s subsidies for the launch of Apple’s iPhone 15 series does not mean “the whole series is broken.” This is just the marketing behavior of the e-commerce platform itself, and it does not mean that Apple has encountered a cold situation in the Chinese market.

The popularity of list rankings continues

Now, there are still a few days until the official launch on September 22. In fact, the popularity of iPhone15 series models has surged in China.

On September 18, Jimu News reporters logged into Taobao’s hot search list and saw that the topic “Mobile phones are coming this year” had 8.135 million hits, ranking first on the hot search list. Among them, in the popularity ranking of “2023 New Mobile Phones”, iPhone 15 and Huawei mate 60 rank in the top two respectively.

The hot topic “Mobile phones are coming this year” ranks first on Taobao’s hot search list

In’s hot search list today, “Huawei Mate X5” and “iPhone 15 pre-sale starts” ranked at the top two.


In today’s hot search list on, “Huawei Mate X5” and “iPhone 15 pre-sale starts” ranked in the top two

Offline, Jimu News reporters learned from telecom, mobile and other communication operators in Hubei Province that starting from September 16, both communication operators have fully launched online and offline reservations. The demo machine will be activated on the evening of September 21st and will be officially launched in the early morning of September 22nd.

“Currently, the reservation work is in progress, and the reservation status cannot be calculated for the time being.” The person in charge of a communications operator revealed. Regarding sales, the person predicts that the iPhone 15 series models are relatively sufficient in stock. Perhaps the demand from “Apple fans” is not as strong as before, but there is still a large number of loyal fans.

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